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Need a social media manager to grow your online presence or get your name on people's lips? Have no fear. Based in the local area, at LBM we offer just that: marketing services that will establish your brand, strengthen those all-important social media channels and much more. We primarily use facebooks advertising platform in order to capture a perfect target audience for your brand and marketing objectives, and we use these, together with creative advertising techniques, in order to rocket your business! We work with B2C and B2B clients, REGARDLESS of size, and get them on track to scaling their brand through the future of business (Social Media!). Get in touch via the "Start Scaling Now" button and we'll help you get those plans in motion on the double.

"How much will I be paying!?"

Head over to the "Services" tab, where you will be able to see our 3 fully customised packages outlined for our clients. PLEASE NOTE, that being said, we can't stress enough when we say that every business is unique and everyones social media requirements are different. All of our packages are bespoke, upon a consultation with the business owner. We will sit with you before you decide to put pen to paper and establish what the strategy will be for the coming months and how to optimise your specific business/brand! In short, don't take our package outline as concreted. Everything can be changed or added upon consultation.

"How long does it take to see results?!"

Social Media Marketing has, and always will be, a marathon and not a sprint. The longer your ads are running, the more the marketing algorithm is studying them and the audiences viewing them, and in turn optimising your ad in order to make it perform better by showing it to more of that audience (very confusing stuff!). We look to secure clients on a 3 monthly contract, paying a monthly retainer. Of course, we discuss all of this with you in order to ensure that you get the most out of your growth.

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